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Property Manager: Chet Wampler


Growing up attending Sagmount Baptist Camp each summer was always an important part of our Christian growth.


Chet grew up in Carthage, MO, attending Bible Baptist Church. Jennifer was raised in Crane, MO and grew up attending Bible Baptist Church there..  They met at Sagmount in 1996 and 3 years later was married there on May 28,1999.  We both strongly believe that Christian camping changes lives. We have four kids (Isaac, Katie, Silas, and Annie) that love being at camp and making new friends as well as see friends made in previous years.

Chet began working as Property Manager on March 3, 2003 and believes Sagmount is the best camp you could ever come to. God really moves in this place.


Come and experience the most glorious spot in the Ozarks and all that Sagmount Baptist Camp has to offer. We look forward to meeting and serving you soon!

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